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Parents with Child

Child Health

Please make an appointment with the doctor when your baby is 8 weeks old for a routine health check. When booking, please let the receptionist know that it is for your baby's 8-week check and she will arrange for your baby to see the nurse afterward to have his/her first set of injections.

New mums should also make an appointment with the doctor around about this time for their own check-ups.

Further immunisations are due at 3 months, 4 months, 12 months, 13 months, and 3 years 4 months for all children. Details of these can be obtained from the doctor or nurse. We feel it is very important that all children are protected from infectious disease as far as possible for their own sake and that of other children around them.

The health visitor is in regular contact with the surgery and is involved with all families with children under 5 to offer help and support.

If you are concerned with any aspect of your child's health, please speak to either your GP or one of our nurses.


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